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Professional and confidential editing for all possible types of English texts. If it is a single paragraph, email, business letter, academic theses or website content, English Writing Service can proofread and carefully edit your English writing.
English Writing Service proofreading and editing

Basic errors are far too common when writing in English as a second language. Many websites are not taken seriously or misunderstood because of poor grammar and translation errors. Students can be disappointed when their creative writing is poorly graded because they lack proofreading skills. Finding English errors in a great business plan is not easy. The significance of correct spelling and grammar is a vital aspect of the English writing process. 

Many people realise that they do not have valuable time or sufficient skill to edit their English writing. When this happens to you, it is challenging to know what to do.  We provide a solution with our professional English writing editing service.  Our experienced English editing team will methodically go through the lengthy editing process so you can be confident your English writing is perfect.



"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story."

Terry Pratchett

English Writing Service can help with necessary corrections to English writing and English grammar. We can carefully examine your creative writing and correct the grammar for you. English Writing Service is very competitively priced compared to other editing and proofreading services costs. Proofreading and editing for all academic English, business English, or website content English. English Writing Service proofread and edit all forms of writing from an individual paragraph, single page or mass writing. Wisely choose English Writing Service for proofreading and editing English.

Academic English. Essay, dissertation and thesis editing.

English Writing Service provides proofreading and editing for academic English. We can proofread and carefully edit all types of research papers such as engineering, science, medicine and humanities. Proofreading and editing are available for research articles, academic theses, essay papers as well as abstract and presentation editing. Both American English or British English is available for your specific target audience. Our academic writing proofreading and editing team will correct all grammar, punctuation, spelling and typographical errors. Also, our proofreading and editing team will check the logic, clarity, structure and flow of the English language used. We can edit your essay to ensure it has correct grammar, so it reads gracefully and naturally. Correct edited grammar can make all the difference. A well-edited essay will pass, while an essay without good editing will invariably fail.


With our help, you can get an A+ for your English essay with professional editing of your grammar, punctuation and spelling. We can edit your dissertation or thesis, so it is grammatically perfect for submission.

Business English Proofreading and Editing.

Our expert team of editors have many years of extensive experience of business English on a global scale. Let us help and guide you with your business English for international communication.

An inaccurately written business letter produces the wrong idea or misleading information. With our business letter editing service, we can ensure the message is fully understood. If you have a business plan to present, make sure another set of eyes have passed over it. Editing your business plan will show you are an earnest business player. So, you've made all the slides to your killer presentation but has it been checked for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Get your presentation professionally proofread and edited, so it is polished, and you operate at the top of your game.


Editing requirements of just a single paragraph or multiple pages, contact English Writing Service for a free quotation.

Website Content Editing

English Writing Services are experts of website content proofreading and editing. We have assisted with many companies to achieve their website potential by having a professional looking English website content.​ Inadequately written website content doesn’t look reliable or professional, yet with our website content proofreading and editing service, we can make your website look amazing. Either American English or British English website content editing are available. Our website proofreading and editing team will correct all grammar, punctuation, spelling and typographical errors. Also, our editors will check logic, clarity, structure and flow of the English language used. English Writing Service also edits social media content, blogs, email and official newsletters. Ensuring your intended message remains clear to your specific target audience.

Essay Editing

All successful authors have an editor. Transform your essay into an exceptional piece of writing with our essay editing partners at English Writing Service. 


Regardless of how much work you install into your essay, it will need editing. Corrected grammar can create all the difference. An edited essay will pass the grade, while an essay that lacks editing will suffer. Punctuation and spelling are two common errors neglected when writing an essay. Our editors can accurately check, correct and edit the grammar, punctuation and spelling of your essay. We can edit your essay, so it is steady and consistent, just the way you want it.

Resume Editing

Efficiently create a professional profile and positive impression for your prospective employer that indicates you are the ideal candidate for the job. English Writing Service can carefully present your documents in a clear, concise, appropriate and professional manner. Proofreading and editing of your resume, cover letter or personal statement will naturally make you stand out from the crowd. With our resume proofreading and editing service, we will positively transform your resume, statement or letter into a perfect document to help you secure your dream job.

Letter Editing

When drafting a letter or message, you must be sure it has the appropriate tone as well as correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Our letter editing doesn't just edit grammar, punctuation and spelling but includes editing for the relevant wording of the letter or message. All kinds of written matter are proofread and edited at English Writing Service. Letters, reports or emails, we guarantee your message is understood. Before you send that important letter or email, be sure it is proofread and edited by one of our expert editors. Have a second set of eyes to look over your written communication and don't leave anything to chance.

Blogs, social media posts and reviews editing

So, you have a blog but no time to check the English spelling and grammar. Are you sure your readers are getting the message and meaning of your blog? It only takes one error or oversight in the English grammar or spelling for the wrong message to be interpreted by the readers. Social media posts and reviews need critical proofreading and editing, so the intended message is projected and not misunderstood.

At English Writing Service, we can ensure the editing and proofreading of your blog to your satisfaction, making sure the meaning is understood. We make sure your readers easily understand what you want to convey to them.

At English Writing Service, we aim to complete proofreading and editing blog documents within 12 hours at no extra cost so you can upload your blog as soon as possible.

Get your blogs, social media posts or reviews proofread and edited today at English Writing Service.